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Cavi-Jet Technology
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Why clean Technology Equipment Application


Underwater cleaning Cavi-Jet technology is based on a cavitation effect* that is used for the high speed destruction and removal of marine growth of any thickness (seaweed, shells, coral), rust, and peeling paint without damaging the hull or protective coating. The surface can be cleaned to bare metal depending on the selected operating mode for the cavitating stream.

Cavi-jet equipment uses outboard sea or river water, creating a speed cavitation jet with a microscopic steam of bubbles under 80 - 150 Bar with a capacity of 200 l/min (standard pumping plants). Upon contact with the surface being cleaned, these bubbles implode. The result of this implosion is the destruction of marine growth and rust, and its removal from the work area. During this process, pressure on the area reaches up to 10,000 Bar.

Cavitation chamber

* Cavitation - the formation of micron-size bubbles in a liquid due to alternating positive and negative pressure.